ERS/MMC Duty Lawyer Class form (INTERNAL ONLY)

Please ask for all previous names for a complete conflict check. The client may have changed names due to marriage, choice or have a dead name. If no other names used, please write NA

Please write NA if already described above

If the client is homeless, please write 'Homeless' here

If the date of birth is unknown or a guesstimate, please write 1/1/[year]and make a file note to reflect your instructions.

If your current partner is the other party, or if you do not have a current partner, please write 'not applicable'.

If you do not have a current partner, please write 'not applicable'.

If there are no other children please write NA. These details will need to be added individually to Actionstep as contacts

Please conflict check current partner if not the other party and then complete this box. If no partner or partner is the other party, the referral has been accepted and intake has been completed by admin/paralegals so you can assume they have been conflict checked.

If there are no conflicts, please select this box and continue. This is for record purposes. If conflict identified please stop and speak to a managing lawyer

If not applicable, write 'NA'

If this field is not applicable, please write NA

If the client is on a Visa, or their Visa has expired, please ask the following questions