Julie’s story

A woman needs legal assistance across multiple jurisdictions after her children are taken into care following her ex-partner violently assaulting her.


Julie was a single mother of two children when she met Darren at her local pool. The couple fell in love and within a year Julie was pregnant with their first daughter, Angela. Darren became violent to Julie and the children after Angela was born.

With the help of police and her ex-husband John, Julie was able to leave Darren. Struggling with the anxiety and depression that she had developed following her experience of family violence John agreed to temporarily look after their eldest two children.

In contravention of the protection order, Darren located Julie and viciously attacked her. The attack left Julie hospitalised with numerous injuries and Darren was imprisoned for assault. The Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) intervened after the attack to place Angela in the care of her maternal grandmother. John decided to apply to have the primary care of his and Julie’s two children permanently.


WLSV first acted for Julie at the Children’s Court, assisting her to negotiate with DHHS for a court order returning Angela to her care. With WLSV referrals and support, Julie is taking steps to recover from the trauma of family violence. She is seeing a psychologist, a family violence counsellor, and receiving treatment for her anxiety and depression.

Given our cross-jurisdictional experience, WLSV is now also assisting Julie in her family law matter regarding the older two children. We have applied to the Family Court for an order that the children be returned to her care, allowing her three children to be reunited and to live in a safe environment with their mother.