Theresa’s story

A woman who is co-parenting with a very uncooperative ex-partner seeks assistance in the family law courts.


Theresa and Lee began dating after meeting at work. After four years they had a baby girl, Maria. A year after Maria’s birth the couple broke up but stayed in contact to co-parent.

Communication with Lee was fraught with difficulty. Every decision about Maria, including medical issues, holiday plans and decisions about her schooling was used by Lee as a tool to hurt Theresa. Lee often would refuse to respond to correspondence from Theresa and would speak poorly about her and her family in front of Maria.

As Maria grew older the communication issues became even harder. Lee did not want Maria to go to high school and when she was staying with him he would refuse to send her. The school sent several letters expressing concern about Maria’s attendance.


WLSV represented Theresa in the family law proceedings after communication had broken down completely between her and Lee. Theresa attempted several approaches including mediation and counselling to make co-parenting work with Lee, however he would not cooperate. Finally in March 2017, the Court granted a final order giving Theresa sole parental responsibility of Maria. She continues to seek Lee’s input on any long-term decisions about their daughter, but is no longer bound by it.