Our Supporters

WLSV is funded by the Indigenous Justice and Legal Assistance Division, Attorney General’s Department, Canberra and Victoria Legal Aid. We have also received project funding this financial year from the Victorian Legal Services Board, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and Department of Justice & Regulation.

WLSV relies on volunteers, pro bono lawyers, donations and in-kind support to extend and enhance its services beyond its funded capacity. Thank you to the following people and organisations which have supported WLSV and its clients this year.

Administrative support

A very special thank you to Kathy Fawcett who has provided administration support to WLSV for over 15 years.

Student volunteers and student placements

Student volunteers assist our lawyers with casework, research, duty lawyer work at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and general administration duties. As part of their university degree a number of law students complete a 12-20 day placement at WLSV. Students on placement from their university and student volunteers assist our lawyers with casework, research, duty lawyer work at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and general administration duties.

Allana Smith
Allyson Tenace
Anni Zhu
Ashlea Swan
Ayu Malinda
Cathie Truong
Charlotte Mitlehner
Deanna Velakoulis
Eliza Panckridge
Georgia Murphy
Grace Shaw
Hima Faiz
Hoda Javidi
Jaslyn Goette
Jordan Davis
Josephine Mirachi
Julia Stocco
Kate Robinson
Kauthemy Manirajan
Kythe Di Scala
Lauren Grixti
Madeleine Barlow
Mardi Grivas
Marita Ri
Michelle Luarte
Naomi Pullen
Sahara Wilson
Sajda Yakub
Shevaun Grant
Shirin Motamedi
Shivaanya Kanapathy
Sophie Gawi
Stephanie Fantov
Stephanie Hill
Tarryn Francis
Zara Ghafory
Thara Wahab
Cassandra Fraser
Julia Bennett

Night phone volunteers

Volunteer lawyers holding a practicing certificate or who are members of the Bar assist women by providing legal information, advice and referrals to callers on our Legal Advice Line.

Adrianne Walters
Alexandra Walker
Alice Carter
Alice Smith
Amanda Lee
Amelia Beech
Anna Tucker
Carla Bursich
Carly Boekee
Catherine Moroney
Charley Brumby-Rendell
Chiara Bryan
Clare Walczak
Claudia Calandra
Danielle Sturgeon
Elisa Carayanis
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Mathews
Eloise Paxton- Hall
Emeline Gaske
Emily Heir
Emma Heggie
Emmalaura Messer
Erin Richardson
Felicity Fox
Felicity Francis
Ffion Whaley
Grace Pizzaia
Greta Haywood
Jennifer Lindstrom
Jessica Black
Jessica Dawson-Field
Jillian Williams
Joni Burns
Kimberly Hards
Laura Harding
Laura Toll
Lissa Thomas
Loreen Gulliver
Loretta Houlahan
Marita Ham
Miranda Brooks
Natalie Fifield
Natalie Goharpey
Natalie Plumridge
Natalie Wellard
Nathalie Ng
Pamela Khoo
Paula Crofts
Rachel Ellerton
Robyn Heath
Sarah Lacey
Sarah Moore
Sarah Pullan
Sarah Sheppard
Shalini Mendis
Shani Williams
Skye Wylde
Sue McLellan
Susan Hamilton-Green
Susan McLennan
Tanya Lavan
Teresa Fae

Legal assistance

The following barristers and solicitors advised or represented WLSV clients pro bono or on a reduced fee basis:

Alice Carter
Alison Burt
Andrew Barbayannis
Angel Aleksor
Anna Parker
Anne-Louise Juneja
Barb Phelan
Belle Lane
Bridgette Kildea
Celia Conlan
Chris Nehmy
Daphne Foong
Zubin Menon
David Easteal
Emily Clarke
Emma Heggie
Emma Swart
Hilary Bonney
Ivan Brewer
Jenny Howe
Kim Cullen
Laura Colla
Laura Johnston
Lino Marchetti
Lyndell McCreadie
Max Hume
Pat O’Shannessy
Michael Bearman

Minal Vohra
Nicholas Wallwork
Pat Karnis
Paul Glass
Raj Bhattacharya
Renata Alexander
Robin Smith
Robyn Wheeler
Sarah Mansfield
Shane Lethlean
Sharney Jenkinson
Tricia Byrnes
Marita Ham

Major pro bono project partners

The following firms provide pro bono support and work collaboratively with WLSV on major projects:

Lander & Rogers
Colin Biggers & Paisley

Holding Redlich

Herbert Smith Freehills
Baker & McKenzie

In-kind support and donations

The following organisations and people have assisted WLSV this year with pro bono advice, referrals, donations and in-kind contributions:

Justitia Lawyers & Consultants
King & Wood Mallesons
Melbourne Family Relationship Centre
Russel Kennedy Lawyers
Seniors Rights Victoria
InTouch: Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence
Women with Disabilities Victoria
Victorian Women Lawyers
Victoria Police
Deakin University
Rosie Batty
Beth Allen, Child Protection Department of Health and Human Services
Assoc. Professor Tracy Beaton, Department of Health and Human Services
Roshan Bhandary, InTouch: Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence
Dr Tracy Castelino, ShantiWorks
Judge Amanda Chambers
Alice Coakes, The Salvation Army Family Violence Service
Joanna Davidson, Victorian Bar
David Ellis, SNAICC National Voice for our Children
Fofi Christou, InTouch: Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence

Professor Belinda Fehlberg, Melbourne Law School
Jen Hargrave, Women with Disabilities Victoria
Julie Kun, WIRE Women’s Information and Referral Exchange
Lisa Maree Stevens, Murray Mallee CLC
Bree Solomon, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Services
Leah Tolley, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Services
James McDonald, Victoria Legal Aid
Dawn Rees, Victoria Legal Aid
Alexandra Judd, CareSuper
Lee Formica, Lander & Rogers
Siba Diqer, Herbert Smith Freehills
Ambreen Mirza, Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights
Andrew Rankin, Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council
Katherine Alsop
Tristan Brumby-Rendell
Charley Brumby-Rendell
Sonia Mete-Smith, Good Shepherd
Anna-Laure Couineau, Phoenix Australia
Dr Richard Cash, Phoenix Australia
Denise Goldie, Berry Street
Felicity Rorke, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

Lisa French, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
Her Honour Judge Bender
Minal Vohra, Victorian Bar
Katie Ratigan, ANZ
Elizabeth McNess, Australian Securities and Investment Commission
Katia Sanderson, Consumer Action Law Centre
Rachel Carson, Australian Institute of Family Studies
Sandra Buckley, Women in Super
Jenny Peachey, Financial Ombudsman Service
Professor Cathy Humphreys
Vicki Kyritsis, InTouch: Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence
Kristen Sheridan, ShantiWorks
Clarisse Slater, SNAICC National Voice for our Children
Bevan Warner, Victoria Legal Aid
Rodney Vlais, Consultant
Acting Inspector Anne Rudd, VicPol
Jillian Williams, Consumer Action Law Centre
Jess Gregory, Domestic Violence Victoria
Peter Gartlan, Financial and Consumer Rights Council
MaryClare Machen, Drummond Street
Magistrate Gerard Lethbridge
Marg Nugent, Mallee Family Care