In memory of Jacinta Dwyer 

We were incredibly sad at the loss of Jacinta Dwyer, a loved and admired friend and former colleague, a brilliant and compassionate lawyer and an all-round good woman.

Jacinta had a long association with and commitment to Women’s Legal Service Victoria stretching back to the 1990s when she volunteered with us. Jacinta went on to manage the WLSV phone advice line in the late 1990s and early 2000s and then returned to work with us as a lawyer from 2014 to 2017 when she left to become a Magistrate.

We extend our deepest sympathy and solidarity to Jacinta’s husband Charles, their four sons and her whole family. It was truly a privilege to work alongside Jacinta at WLSV.


Our People

Board members

Shirley Southgate – Chair
Ruth Barson – Deputy Chair
Alice Chiew – Treasurer (retired October 2017)
Kim Mays – Treasurer

Kelly Hinton – Secretary
Caroline Gowan – Member (retired October 2017)
Maryum Chaudhry – Member
May Lim – Member

Monique Adofaci – Member
Tina Lavranos – Member

WLSV staff

Staff listed were employed for all or part of 2017/18.

Chief Executive Officer

Joanna Fletcher

Legal & Policy

Helen Matthews – Director Legal and Policy
Elisa Whittaker – Director Legal and Policy
Henrietta Barclay – Director Legal and Policy
Andreia Monteiro – Senior Lawyer
Brenna Powney – Senior Lawyer
Lara Guarino – Senior Lawyer
Rebecca Helberg – Senior Lawyer
Ahalya Thiru – Lawyer
Bonnie Renou – Lawyer
Bronwyn Lay – Lawyer

Carol Mellords – Lawyer
Catherine Moroney – Lawyer
Elizabeth Bitar – Lawyer
Laura Keenan – Lawyer
Marta Vezzosi – Lawyer
Sze Lim – Lawyer
Kate Robinson – Graduate Lawyer
Kythe Di Scala – Graduate Lawyer
Michelle Luarte – Graduate Lawyer

Tania Clarke – Senior Policy Adviser
Marianne Jago – Senior Policy Adviser
Estelle Petrie – Project Coordinator
Kate Munro – Integrated Services Manager
Donna Letchford – Financial Counsellor
Koula Neophytou – Social Worker
Julia Bennett – Support Worker
Amanda Prince – Administrator
Sandra O’Connor – Administrator

Education & Engagement

Eila Pourasgheri – Director Education & Engagement
Lynda Memery – Senior Education & Engagement Practitioner
Ilana Faivel – Education & Engagement Coordinator & Lawyer
Nina Ulasowski – Education & Engagement Coordinator & Lawyer

Rachel Shulkes – Education & Engagement Coordinator & Lawyer
Jan Earthstar – Education & Engagement Coordinator
Monica Campo – Education & Engagement Coordinator
Gina Pulfer – Administrator

Taña Cooklin Cevallos – Administrator
Tasha Lloyd – Administrator


Nuzhat Lotia – Director Operations
Vanessa Doake – Director Operations

Menaka Bandara – Finance Manager
Anna Barnes – Communications Coordinator

Genie Abramoff – Finance Coordinator
Vicki Gazzola – Receptionist