Starts With Us Videos

Hear from women who work across the legal and justice sectors discuss what it’s like to work in the law and how we can achieve equality and diversity in the workplace. 



Nyadol Nyuon, Director of Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, Lawyer and Human Rights Advocate

Dr Crystal McKinnon, Amangu Yamatiji Academic, Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Research Fellow at RMIT and Community Organiser

Naty Guerrero-Diaz, Principal Lawyer, Slater and Gordon

Dr Anu Mundkur, Project Lead, Our Watch

Victorian Government Minister Gabrielle Williams explains why it’s so important for our legal and justice sectors to stop unfair and harmful attitudes and treatment of people based on gender.

Dr Monica Campo takes you through the key findings from the latest Starts With Us report.

Former Supreme Court Judge Chris Maxwell explores his response to Starts With Us and gender inequality in the state’s legal and justice sector.

Dr Monica Campo and Veronica Belot from Victorian Government Solicitors Office join Michelle Luarte from Law Institue of Victoria to discuss the new legislation on preventing workplace sexual harassment and sex discrimination, and taking an intersectional approach to ensure workplaces are safe, fair, and equal for all.

This project is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the Free From Violence strategy and is part of a state-wide coordinated effort to prevent violence against women. We thank our Steering Committee and Consortium Partners who continue to collaborate with us on this work.