Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer's Report

Shirley Southgate


Joanna Fletcher

Chief Executive Officer

Building on the past

We are very pleased to be reporting to you on our impact, in line with the new strategy we introduced at the beginning of this financial year.

For over 15 years now, we have focused on “issues arising from relationship breakdown and violence against women” and on providing an active casework/legal representation service. In 2011, we made a significant shift to recognising overall social impact as the true measure of our success – focussing on outcomes rather than activities or outputs.


Strategic developments

Our 2016 strategy affirms these past decisions and builds on them by being based directly on our theory of change which itself recognises that the foundation of our capacity to create change is the depth and breadth of our coal-face legal work.

A theory of change is a method for planning and evaluating social change in which long term goals are identified and then mapped backwards to identify necessary preconditions.

You can read about our regular services here.

"Escape is no easy option"

A WLSV client’s story of survival. Video by Commoner.

Case Studies

Anissa's story

A woman and her children are left vulnerable to a violent ex-partner because of her visa status and the prohibitive cost of the family law system.

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Julie's story

A woman needs legal assistance across multiple jurisdictions after her children are taken into care following her ex-partner violently assaulting her.

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Paola's story

A woman is misidentified as a perpetrator of family violence by the police.

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Theresa's story

A woman who is co-parenting with a very uncooperative ex-partner seeks assistance in the family court.

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