Hide your visit

This website has a “quick exit” button near the top right-hand corner of each page.  


This button will close the Women’s Legal Service website and open the Google website.  


The button may be helpful if you are worried that you are being monitored and you are concerned that someone is about to find you looking at this site. 


The quick exit button will not delete your browser history.  

Read more about managing your browser settings:

eSafety Commissioner – Web browsers


Read more about tech abuse and family violence in your language:

eSafety Commissioner – Get help in your language

To delete information that shows the websites you have visited:  


1. Turn off or delete your browsing history to remove the addresses (URLs) of the websites you visited.


2. Go to the tools or settings menu and, if your browser offers it, turn off search and page history. Look for a setting called ‘never remember history’ or ‘clear history when closing browser’.


3. Delete your history at the end of each browsing. Deleting large parts of your internet history may alert your abuser. Browsers usually allow you to choose whether to delete the entire history, delete the history back to a certain date, or delete a single website from the history list.