Starts With Us is a project by and for the legal and justice workforce in Victoria. It contributes to the primary prevention of violence against women in Victoria by responding to the gendered drivers of violence against women as they manifest in our workplaces.


View and share our latest research report: Gender and Intersectional Inequality


This research and wider work is part of the project’s four phases, which we are in process of progressing. 


Phase 1: A discussion paper on sexism and gender inequality

This phase is now complete with the Starts With Us Discussion Paper on sexism and gender inequality in the Victorian legal and justice sector made available 19 April. View the accompanying media release and fact sheet for further details. 


Full discussion paper is available here


Phase 2: A research report and forum on gender and intersectional inequality. 

The Research Report Gender and Intersectional Inequality is now available exploring power and privilege in Victoria’s legal and justice sector. View the accompanying media release for further details.


Full report is available here


Phase 3: Action planning by the sector to remedy sexism and gender inequality in legal and justice workplaces.

This phase is in progress as we work with our Consortium partners to co-design, deliver and evaluate actions to progress legal and justice workforce gender equality. These partners include Victoria Legal Aid, Federation of Community Legal Centres, the Victorian Bar, Law Institute of Victoria, Slater and Gordon, and Lander & Rogers.  


Phase 4: Sector-wide implementation of the action plan.

To be completed. 


This project is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the Free From Violence strategy and is part of a state-wide coordinated effort to prevent violence against women. We thank our Steering Committee and Consortium Partners throughout this work.