Measuring our impact

From helping to streamline our intake to reporting our impact – Anna and Dinesh our ace data team have a finger in all of the pies!

Both relative newcomers to the organisation, Anna and Dinesh work across the organisation to collect data and evaluate our work to make sure we are having the greatest impact.  

We sat down with them to find out more about the exciting world of data and evaluation.

Dinesh and Anna are standing next to each other looking at the camera and smiling. They are standing in front of two Indigenous artworks.

Can you tell us what it is you do?

We make sure the work we do at Women’s, and the clients we assist, are accurately reflected in our data. We oversee all data collection and evaluation activities within the organisation with an ultimate goal of proving our impact, improving our impact, and helping to communicate that to decision makers, funders and stakeholders. 

What does an ideal day at work look like? 
Anna: Maybe getting to play with a really big spreadsheet to find out some interesting insights, and then perhaps planning a fun research/evaluation project that will help a team gather the information they need to do their jobs well. Perhaps I get to facilitate a focus group or reflection session as well! 

Dinesh: Assisting with teams if they have any Actionstep related issues/questions, ensuring the data collected are of high quality and improving work flow processes.

I love that data can give us answers. Without data we’re a bit blind as to what works and what doesn’t work.

We assume you’re both numbers people? What is it about stats and data that got you into working with so much of them?
Dinesh: Working at the Australian Bureau of Statistics early in my career ignited my interest in data and its ability to tell a story.

Anna: I love that data (both qualitative and quantitative) can give us answers. Without data we’re a bit blind as to what works and what doesn’t work, maybe going off our gut or some anecdotal evidence we’ve heard. Data helps everyone make better decisions!

What’s your favorite part of working here?
Dinesh: Working with and supporting bold, strong women across the organisation and the ability to represent the crucial work our teams do.

Anna: I feel there is a lot of scope and opportunity here to really bring our data and evaluation practices to the next level, and I’m excited to be involved in that. I’m also keen to bring everyone on the journey and get them excited about the insights that good data collection can afford us.

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